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Sunday & Monday

May 25 & 26, 2008

At the

Yoyogi Noh Butai Theater
4-36-14 Yoyogi, Shibuya, Tokyo



Kanze Family, Yoyogi Noh Butai

Jiichi Asami is an honorary member of the Kanze family of Noh performing arts, one of the five main Noh schools. He is the director of the Asami branch of the Kanze family, named the Yoyogi Butai, located in Yoyogi, Tokyo, Japan. The mission of this branch is to continue the art of Noh by performing throughout Japan, including in its own Noh theater in Yoyogi. Visit the Yoyogi Butai website (Japanese-language only) at

New England Nantucket Basket Association

The New England Nantucket Basket Association (NENBA) was founded in Massachusetts, United States, by Etsuko Yashiro in 1999. Etsuko's work has been exhibited annually for the last four years at the Nantucket Basket Museum on Nantucket Island, and she has been teaching Nantucket basket making for the past ten years. Etsuko founded the New England Nantucket Basket Association to promote the traditional skills and knowledge of Nantucket basket making. NENBA holds classes on Nantucket basket making in its 16 classrooms in Japan and 2 classrooms in the United States, near Boston, Massachusetts. Visit the NENBA website at:


This will be a rare opportunity to see the following on display:
  • Ancestral Noh performance costumes and masks
  • The first Japanese showcase of Nantucket Baskets made by
  • Etsuko Yashiro and her apprentices
  • Photographs of Nantucket Island by Yoichi Yabe, renown Japanese Sailing Photographer and official photographer for the America's Cup

Admission is Free